Indonesia Independence Day celebration 2017

Wicked Good Indonesia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, training and empowering Flores’ youth to become leaders of the island’s growing tourism industry and guardians of its natural environment. In a struggling economy like Flores’, high quality jobs are difficult to come by. So, we created a solution.

​In 2013, Wicked Diving pioneer, Paul Landgraver, created a charitable arm to tackle this issue through Supporting Education and Environment Development in in Labuan Bajo near Komodo National Park.  

​Small but mighty and growing, Wicked Good Indonesia has a big mission to protect what makes Flores a tropical paradise and give back to the community through capacity building work with residents.

It is the only program of its kind on the island, actively recruiting for and subsidizing the robust training of local people to become dive guides, tour leaders and conservation activists. The philosophy is simple – harness local talent to create a more sustainable economy and ecosystem for Flores. 

Thanks to 2% of the profits from Wicked Diving and 10% of the revenue from each Dive Master Trainee (DMT) Wicked Good Indonesia  has graduated  dive instructor (Indonesia’s youngest!),  dive guides,  adventure guides,  office manager, entrepreneur and have many more on the horizon.