Turtle Conservation Pante Hera

Panter Hera turtle conservation camp is a turtle breeding place located in the village of Watu Weri, South of Lembor, West Flores. Our conservation center is located in the heart of the Savu Sea Marine Protected Area.

Managed by Wicked Good Indonesia (Yayasan Peduli Indonesia), this is one of the largest Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia and is designed to protect the region’s large mammal and aquatic species including whales, dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles. Sadly, the number of rangers and boats to protect the park is extremely limited and resources are stretched far beyond the ability to protect. Thus, our turtle conservation center supplements the already existing laws and protection.

There are 4  artificial nest and a small pond to keep the hatchlings that have just hatched. With its beautiful scenery, Pante Hera turtle camp is located right along the beach and at an altitude, so you can watch the views of the open sea, and enjoy the southern waves.

On August 2019 we succeeded in hatching turtle eggs. The eggs was relocated from the original habitat to prevent them from the people who hunt them to eat. Located 20 meters from the turtle camp, here were 110 eggs that we relocated, and 80 turtles were successfully hatched, then the turtles were released into the ocean.

Aside from being a turtle conservation site, at the Pante Hera turtle camp we also carry out other activities such as cleaning trash on the beach, sharing language at the local vocational school with guests who come to stay  at the turtle camp homestay. We pack this activity in the form of a tour.

In this place there is also hot spring, you can pamper yourself soaking in warm water in the afternoon while waiting for sunset. Of course, with beautiful views around the hot spring. There is also an interesting sunset spot.

To visit this place, you can drive 2,5 hours from Labuan Bajo. You can use a rental car or you can rent a motorcycle in Labuan Bajo or just contact us and we can organize the trip for you.

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